Drawing Tips!

Here's how to get the best result for your child's beautiful artwork.

Download and print drawing paper

Pictureproducts offers a wide range of beautiful products for your child to decorate. Just download the drawing paper template for your chosen product below, print it out, and return the completed drawing to your project Organiser.

Note that where there is an A3 option, if you use the A4 template then your child's drawing will be scaled up on the finished product.

For pricing and availability information, see the order form supplied by your organiser.


25cm melamine


25cm melamine

Small clock

20cm gloss MDF

Water bottle

600ml aluminium

Water bottle

400ml aluminium

Tote bag

48x35cm polyester canvas

Ceramic mug


Plastic mug


Pencil case

28x14cm polyester canvas


30x42cm, 12 month tear-off


20x26cm gloss finish on MDF


20x25cm rubber-backed